How to see who viewed your Instagram video

As the lives have become more chaotic, people rarely get time to read long texts to grasp what information it contains. Lately, videos have dominated images and became the new marketing medium. Instagram also allows its users to upload videos and gain traction; it is no more limited to photo sharing only. But, it's hard to find who viewed your Instagram video?

Before thinking of winning at Instagram, make sure you have a good number of followers, likes and comments. If not, then work on it as these metrics are the foundation of the Instagram profile. In case, you don’t have enough likes on posts then you can buy automatic Instagram likes in a jiff from us.

Whenever somebody watches your Instagram video, it is counted as a view and more views means you are famous, and people are paying attention to your content.

If you upload many videos related to your business, then you would love to know who watches and likes it? There may be any reason behind "Why you want to know". Whatever it is, our today's topic is "How to see who viewed your Instagram videos," and we hope you will get an excellent answer to your question.

Why should you be interested in knowing "Who viewed your Instagram video"?

Instagram, by far, has become the best platform for marketing and advertising. Due to the following reasons, people stay curious to know who my viewers are?

  • Increase followers

    - Imagine if you know who viewed your Instagram video, and it turns out they are not your follower yet. You can outreach or request them to follow you. Followers count will soar. Also, there are many apps to find who unfollowed you on Insta.
  • Brand Recognition

    - More views mean more people are interested in your videos. Naturally, the people who visit your profile will believe you are popular and have good content to watch.
  • Draft plan

    - Without quality content, you won't be able to stay in front of your intended audience. It's better to know who viewed your videos to get an idea of how well you are going and create future goals.
  • Improve website traffic

    - By posting unique videos, you can also gain traffic for your website. People love to watch the content that interests them, so focus on your audience's interests only.

See Who viewed your Instagram videos

Instagram videos were launched in 2013. Earlier, the limit was 15 seconds, and later it was extended to 60 seconds. Instagram stories exactly show who viewed your story along with the names, whereas videos show the number of people who liked your video, not the ones who saw it.

To be sure whether someone has watched a video or not, keep the following points in mind:

  • How view is counted

    - Whenever the user clicks on a video to watch it and keep watching for 3 seconds, then a view is counted.
  • App views

    - No views are counted from embedded posts.
  • View each

    - one user, one view. No loops are counted.

Views count is visible to everyone, and this feature was updated after 19 November 2015.

Who viewed my Instagram video?

Are you intrigued to check who watched your uploaded video? Well, there is precisely no way to find it, but you can rely on likes to get an estimate. Above we already stated how a view is counted.

Once you click on the views option below video, you will be taken to the Instagram insights page. Where you will see the following four options:

  • Interactions

    : It tells about the number of promotional clicks means the clicks happened on the links you inserted. Visit profile implies the number of people who visited your profile after watching the video.
  • Discovery

    - This section reveals the number of total people reached along with the ratio of those who were your following you and not.
  • Impressions

    - It means the number of times video appeared in the feed of followers and non-followers. Follows says how many people followed you back.
  • Audience

    - From this, you can get an idea of gender ration, age-range, and top locations.

Not intact, but atleast you will get a rough idea. You can see who liked the video and from it get an estimate whosoever showed interest. But it is also not sure whether the person has watched it before liking or liked it without looking at it. So, no way.

Publish Video in Instagram Stories

Another method that we can follow is "Posting the video in story". In this way, you can see who viewed the video directly by clicking on seen by. It doesn't matter if they just watched it for 1 second or 15 seconds; you will see them on the list of viewers. Swipe up to see the entire list. To get the entire data, you need to use third-party applications.

Collect this data to get an idea who views your Instagram videos consistently. This data can be beneficial.

Send Videos in a Direct Message

You can send videos also in DM as we post GIF's on Instagram. But how to know whether the recipient has seen it or not? Whenever someone watches the video, you will come to realize they have seen it because SEEN will appear below the message sent. This is useful in group and individual conversations both. If you are unable to find the account then chances are the account may have been deleted or disabled by Instagram.

What if you sent a disappearing message?

If you sent a video, then that will play for a maximum of two times. When you check it, it will keep playing like a loop. Later it will turn inactive like a story.

Final Verdict

One benefit is that you can see the video of anyone without letting them know as your name will not appear in viewers list anywhere. Make sure; you don't leave the like. But in case of the story, your name will appear in seen by list, and the same is in the case of direct message. If you looking for some specific video on other profile and unable to find it then chances are they might have blocked you on instagram.

Currently, there is no way to find out who viewed your video, but it may be launched in the future by Instagram. Till then, we think Instagram insights can be of great help or you can contact instagram.

Do you have any more ideas? If yes, then please drop in the comments section.