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To receive automatic Instagram real likes from real users on new posts that you will upload shortly, subscribe to our monthly plan. Enjoy 24/7 customer support and instant delivery.

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Just upload your chosen photo or video to Insta account. Fellas, you are done with the first step.


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Our intelligent system keeps on checking your IG account every 60 seconds to identify new uploads and lodge it.



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Afterwards, place an order and see thumbs up instantly pouring on your posts at a natural pace.

Why buy automatic Instagram likes from us?

Genuine users, Active Insta Profiles

We are the best automatic Instagram Likes Service providers in the social media market. Choose our high-quality Auto Instagram Likes monthly packages and receive real likes from real people with an active Instagram profile.

No bots, Just real people service

No software, bots, ghosts, and circumventing but only real users and active follower base. You will be amazed by our auto instagram likes service with which even our competitors can't match.

Automatic detection

Within minutes of your new upload, our smart system detects it and sends the chosen number of buy automatic instagram likes from real users on every new video/photo right away.

Affordable prices

Our real likes automatic Instagram services packages pricing is low compared to others. We are not resellers and always deliver Instagram likes from real users only on every new post.

Split or delay order

We can adjust the speed of automatic Instagram likes according to your requirement. Whether you want instant delivery or natural pace, let us know after placing auto instagram likes buy order.

Quality service

We never indulged in illicit activities that directly or indirectly affect our client's Instagram account. Every buy automatic instagram likes order we deliver is of top-notch quality only.

Excellent customer support

Our motive is to keep our clients satisfied. If any problem persists or orders are not delivered, or you have any query, contact us and connect with our customer support team instantly.

Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our Automatic Instagram likes service, cancel anytime or claim a money-back guarantee within 30 days. Connect with our customer support or contact us and get your money back.

Cancel Anytime

At any point, if you feel that instagram auto likes service is not upto the mark or as per expectations, then you have the privilege to cancel anytime without any complications.

Proudly serving Instagrammers

We at Viral Me have reached a long mile by consistently serving our clients. We help our clients get automatic Instagram likes from real users per day on every post they publish. We can uplift your Instagram profile and achieve beyond expectation results. Our Buy Automatic Instagram Likes packages are available at an affordable price with instant delivery and money back guarantee option. Everybody is in the rat race to garner as many real likes from real users on posts because numbers mean everything on social media. What makes us stand out is the trust of our loving clients who buy our high quality instagram auto likes real service with no password required, and we always deliver the best. Till now, we have delivered 7 million Instagram likes to thousands of clients, and the numbers are increasing swiftly.

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Why buy Instagram Auto likes monthly packages?
Automatic Instagram Likes play an imperative role in ranking your Instagram posts higher because, without real likes or engagement, your account is no more like a barren land. Place likes automatic order now and gets liked by real people immediately. To make you understand how beneficial these packages are, you can get in touch with our customer support executives for further assistance.
To process your order, we just need your valid Instagram username and an email ID to send confirmation mail. Unlike others, no password required, and you don't need to go through unnecessary forms.
There are innumerable benefits that you can reap like raise brand awareness, boost sales, reach the intended audience, enhance traffic, receive real likes from real people, promote your brand products and services and stay ahead of your competitors.
Our smart instagram auto likes system keeps on checking your account every 60 seconds to notice updates. As soon as you are done uploading, the server within minutes starts sending real likes automatic instagram to your every post per day on selected ones and see the count soaring.
You can adjust the pace at which you want it to be delivered. When you order buy auto real likes for new posts, see your follower base increasing and enjoy instant delivery. We never make you wait.
Not at all, to get real likes, you need to tell us your Instagram username and email ID only, no login credentials or password required. To us, your privacy and data protection is of utmost importance.
While placing a buy auto real likes order, you will be redirected to the payment page to checkout. The amount will be deducted from your linked Paypal account. If you are unable to understand how to make payment then connect with our customer support team immediately or contact us.
For your convenience, we have set a limit for uploads, i.e., 150. After placing Buy Instagram real likes from real people order, whenever you upload any pic or video, we send instagram auto likes to it. So, this way, the same process will continue for the incoming uploads. After you surpass the limit, you can still keep uploading photos, but likes real will not be delivered. You have to renew the subscription, and the same procedure will be followed.
No sorry, you can't, our automatic instagram likes buy system detects the new posts as soon as you finish updating and handle everything. However, if you want more instagram auto likes for older posts, place a new order for Buy Automatic Instagram likes separately for those posts to cater to your immediate requirement.
Our system can't detect your account if it is set to private. Therefore, before placing a buy instagram high quality real likes from real users order, keep in mind to set your account status to the public to reap all the benefits of this service.
When you choose to buy real likes automatic subscription at that time, information is given to you regarding the exact date when you will need to renew along with the amount, review the information thoroughly before proceeding. Every month on the same day, you will be billed, i.e., approximately every 30 days, and we also send you an email beforehand to remind you.
Unlike other same video views and buy instagram automatic likes service providers, we never make use of illegal methods. Every time you upload an Instagram post, we share it with the entire network, and our active users drop real likes instantly. You can rely on our services for instant delivery and they are entirely safe as well as legit.
No, our way of working is entirely safe, and we abide by the terms and conditions of instagram. Till now, we have served thousands of our clients, and nobody ever complained of accounts getting banned. If any issues persist then our customer support team is one text away or go to our contact us page.
You can cancel anytime by informing us beforehand so that we will do it for you. We would love to hear what made you do so to enhance our client's experience. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with our services then ask for a money back guarantee in between 30 days after the order placement.
From us, you can buy auto real likes with or without PayPal, it all depends upon you. If you don't have a PayPal account, then another alternative is a credit or debit card other than that there is no option available. Contact us if you face any problem.
Viral Me is the new trendsetter in providing social media marketing services, especially for Instagram. The moment you get in touch with us, everything happens well with your account, and you can achieve the desired business goals. We even strive hard not to let your hard-earned money and precious time get wasted. We bestow you with what you ask for, nothing less but more. So, what are you waiting for now? Be a part of our network; choose our Instagram likes packages, and amp up your brand's instagram account from every aspect forever.

Why choose Viral Me?

Viral Me is the new trendsetter in the field of providing social media marketing services, especially for Instagram. The moment you get in touch with us, everything happens well with your account, and you are able to clinch your desired goals. We even strive hard not to let your hard-earned money get wasted as well as precious time. We bestow you with what you ask for, nothing less but more. So, what are you waiting for now? Be a part of our network, enjoy the affable experience and amp up your brand's instagram account from every aspect forever.


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Awesome. Real. Will use again. Must try. Legit. Really gave me the boost that I needed and tell my bestiess

Brittany Hughes

This is a good website thanks for your help it really help me so I dont get bully anymore


Its the best sites to, loved this site this really helps a lot


Great. Worked instantly , I thought this place was a scam, but it rly worked.

Will c

Amazing and instant! Very nice service, very helpful. definitely checking this service out again!


I love this website so much it helps people get more followers it is just to amazing ??


this website has changed my social media career. it is such a cool website. itll help your instagram grow, well at least it helped line!

chelsea lomenick

Great site for social services! good costumer services and fast response.


The feature which lured me the most was the facility to control the pace of likes and getting it delivered timely. Got the intended boost to grow my Insta account.

Robert J. Landers

I have been using their automatic likes Instagram service from a long time, and it never lets me down. Very pleased with the favourable results.

James Larson

Superb service with all real likes from genuine profiles. What amazed me was a quick delivery.

Reginald O. Bess

If you are looking to get the likes automatically delivered whenever you post then, you are at an ideal place. Highly recommended.

Mark S. Watkins

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