How we put every piece together?


Select and Upload
a post to Instagram

Just upload your chosen photo or video to Insta account. Fellas, you are done with the first step.


Viral Me automatically
detects new media

Our intelligent system keeps on checking your IG account every 60 seconds to identify new uploads and lodge it.



Watch Likes
count soaring

Afterward, place an order and see the auto IG likes instantly pouring on your posts at a natural pace.

Why make Viral Me your right hand?

Real Likes, Active Users

Viral Me is the single best site to purchase real auto Instagram likes monthly package. All real Auto IG likes cheap are from genuine users who have active insta accounts updated timely.

No bots & fake likes

No software's, bots, ghosts and circumventing are involved. You will be amazed by our quality service with which our competitors can't even match.

Automatic detection

Within minutes of your new upload, our smart system detects it automatically send the chosen number of auto likes to Instagram video/photo right away.

Affordable prices

Our automatic Instagram likes monthly packages pricing is lower as compared to others. We are not resellers and always solemnly serve you with whole quality.

Split or delay order

Likes coming quickly? Tell us we will adjust the pace. If you ordered 1000 Auto Insta likes and want them to be delivered like 200 likes in 10 min on an intended post, then contact us.

Quality service

We never indulged in illicit activities that directly or indirectly affect our client's accounts. Every order we deliver is of top-notch quality so you can rely on us.

Excellent customer support

Our motive is keeping our clients satisfied. If any problem persists or order is not delivered within stipulated time, or you want to ask something then contact us and get your issue resolved quickly.

Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our service, then you can claim for money back or refund within 30 days. Contact us and get your money back in a pocket without any questions being asked.

Cancel Anytime

At any point in time, if you felt that this service is not benefiting in you anyway and don't lead to expected results, then you can cancel your order immediately without any complications.



Why buy real automatic Instagram likes monthly?
Likes play an imperative role in ranking your posts higher on Instagram as without it your account is no less than a barren land. With the help of Auto Insta likes services, your every post will get likes immediately and the desired exposure.
There are innumerable benefits that you can reap using this service. Some of them are raise brand awareness, boost sales, reach the intended audience, enhance traffic, promote your brand products and services and stay ahead of your competitors.
Our smart system keeps on checking your account every 60 seconds to notice updates. As soon as you are done uploading, the server within minutes starts sending likes to your post and you will see likes count soaring.
You can adjust the pace at which you want the real automatic likes for instagram posts to be delivered. It can vary between 5 mins to 1.5 hour.
Not at all, you need to tell us your IG username nothing else. To us, your privacy and data protection is of utmost importance.
Once you place an order for auto insta likes then after a month the intended amount will get deducted from your PayPal account. Another way is, we send an email to let you know that now renew your real auto instagram likes subscription.
For your convenience, we have set a limit for uploads, i.e. 150. After you are done placing an order and you upload some pic or video, we will send likes to it. So, this way, the same process will continue for the incoming 150 uploads. After you surpass the threshold, you can still keep uploading photos but the auto IG likes will not be delivered but when the subscription will get renewed then the same procedure will be followed. You can get real instagram likes monthly separately if needed.
Once you place an order for auto insta likes then after a month the intended amount will get deducted from your PayPal account. Another way is, we send an email to let you know that now renew your real auto instagram likes subscription.
No sorry, you can't. Our automatic system detects only the new posts. However, if you want likes for older posts then what you can do is buy real Instagram likes from here to cater to your immediate requirement.
Our system can't detect your Insta account if it is private. Therefore, before placing an order, keep in mind to set your account status to the public to reap all the benefits of this service.
When you place an order at that time information is given to you regarding the exact date when you will need to renew the subscription along with the amount, review the information thoroughly before renewing it. On every month same day, you will be billed, i.e. approximately every 30 days.
Unlike other same service providers, we don't make use of illegal methods to deliver your likes. Whenever you upload a new post, we share it with our entire network and our users in real time like it. You can rely on our services as they are entirely safe.
No, our entire way of working is entirely safe and abide by the terms and conditions of instagram. Till now, we have served thousands of our clients, and nobody ever complained of account getting banned.
You can cancel a subscription at any moment by informing us beforehand so we will do it for you. We would love to hear what made you do so to enhance our client's experience.
From us, you can buy automatic instagram likes without or with PayPal, it all depends upon you. If you don't have PayPal account then another alternative is credit card other than that there is no option.

Why choose Viral Me?

Viral Me is the new trendsetter in the field of providing social media marketing services, especially for Instagram. The moment you get in touch with us, everything happens well with your account, and you are able to clinch your desired goals. We even strive hard not to let your hard-earned money get wasted as well as precious time. We bestow you with what you ask for, nothing less but more. So, what are you waiting for now? Be a part of our network, enjoy the affable experience and amp up your brand's instagram account from every aspect forever.


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