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Avoid the frustration of waiting for organic likes on your Instagram posts. Save yourself from the stress of worrying about how many tiny red hearts you get on each photo or video you upload.

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Our monthly plans make it easy to get automatic Instagram likes from real users. With a monthly subscription, you gain access to 24/7 customer support and instant delivery. Our automatic Instagram likes service makes it easy to grow your follower base and increase your popularity on social media.

How Does It Work?

1.Select a photo or video
and upload it to Instagram

Within the Instagram app, upload the photo or video of your choice to your Insta account.

2.Viral Me gets to work on your automatic Instagram likes

Viral Me uses a smart system that looks for new media every 60 seconds. When a new upload is detected, it is logged in our system and automatic Instagram likes will begin to show up on your post.

Why Should You Buy Automatic Instagram Likes from Us?

Proudly Serving Thousands of Instagrammers

At Viral Me, we consistently provide services for all types of Instagram users, from the social media influencer to the amateur content creator and everything in between.

We function as an engagement booster by meeting the needs of people who want more views, more likes, and more followers for their Instagram account. We do all the work for you, so you can focus more on your posts, whether photos or videos, and we'll deliver the auto likes and video views you're looking for.

As a business, we strive to keep our clients happy. We offer several Buy Automatic Instagram Likes packages at affordable prices, guarantee instant delivery, and will even give you your money back if you're not totally satisfied.

In the rat race for Instagram likes, you can use our convenient service to buy automatic Instagram likes for your posts and get ahead.

Our business stands out from the rest because we provide our client with real Instagram likes on each new Instagram post. We provide high-quality services, including instant delivery of likes on photo uploads or views on video posts, to every account. So far, we have delivered 7 million Instagram likes to thousands of clients. We continue to help Instagram users transform their Instagram page from drab to fab with every new post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy Instagram auto likes monthly packages?

When you sign up for one of our subscription services, you create an account that not only guarantees more Instagram likes, but also ensures more people see the content you share on your profile. When people see the number of likes or views each post on your Instagram page gets, they will recognize your profile as one they should engage in more often. Our monthly packages deliver real likes from real users to each photo and video your upload, to make way for a larger social media presence. What starts with likes on uploads can quickly lead to followers and brand loyalty, all with the purchase of one of our monthly packages.

What information is needed to sign up for a subscription?

To benefit from one of our automatic Instagram likes subscriptions, we will need your account information. You will also have to use one of our accepted forms of payment after selecting a subscription service that works for you. After that, you can sit back, relax, upload new content, and watch as the real Instagram likes roll in!

What are the benefits to buying Instagram likes?

Automatic Instagram likes dramatically impact your social media presence by improving the ranking of each of your Instagram posts. Without real likes or video views, your account is way more likely to be overlooked or ignored. This can be devastating to your brand. By buying automatic Instagram likes, you are investing in an engagement booster that delivers real results every time you upload new content. With more Instagram likes, you get more followers, and the more followers you have, the larger your social media presence is. All you have to do is make new posts by sharing photos and videos to your Instagram page!

When will the automatic Instagram likes be delivered to my account?

With each of your post uploads, you are guaranteed likes and views within minutes. The number of likes you receive depends on the package you purchase. You no longer have to wait days or even hours for organic likes from your current followers. With Viral Me, you get real likes and views from real people almost instantly.

Can I split or delay the delivery of Instagram likes, rather than having them delivered all at once?

Yes! During the sign up process, we give you the opportunity to decide how you want your real likes from real people to be delivered. You can choose to have your pre-determined number of likes delivered as soon as your post uploads are complete, or you can opt for a more natural-looking delivery approach. No matter which option you choose, the likes on your Instagram posts will give your profile the boost you're looking for.

Do I have to share my login credentials, like my password, when signing up?

When you sign up for an account with Viral Me to buy automatic Instagram likes, our smart system automatically connects to your Instagram account with the ability to detect any new posts. Depending on your phone's security settings, you may have to allow information to be shared between our app and Instagram, but you won't be required to share your Instagram login credentials with us directly.

How do I pay for my automatic Instagram likes subscription?

When you sign up for a monthly package and complete the sign-up process, you will choose a payment option. Through your selected payment option, you will be charged the fee associated with the plan you selected. This amount is automatically deducted each month unless your account is terminated or your subscription is cancelled.

How many photos or videos can I upload to get real likes?

Our monthly packages guarantee real likes on up to 30 Instagram posts per month. Those 30 posts can be any combination of videos and photos, but the post limit is 30. Any posts uploaded beyond the 30-post mark will not receive the real Instagram likes courtesy of Viral Me. It should also be noted that likes or views on your Instagram posts do not roll over from one month to the next. For example, if you only share 20 posts one month, you will not have access to likes on 10 extra posts the next month. You can choose to post as many photos and videos as you would like, but Viral Me is only obligated to deliver automatic Instagram likes on 30 posts per month.

Why choose Viral Me ?

Viral Me is a trendsetter in the field of social media marketing services with a focus on Instagram. From the minute you contact us, you are on your way to an enhanced Instagram profile, more views, more likes, and better brand awareness. We work hard to give your Instagram profile a boost by guaranteeing more engagement with every post shared on your profile.

Find out for yourself right now how the number of likes on your posts can skyrocket in minutes, with very little effort required.


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