How to block someone on Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social platform with tons of visuals that keeps the users updated with whatever happening around in the world. But the journey is not always smooth and you may find your distant relative is sneaking in to your pictures and reporting it to your mother. What would you do then? Block them on Instagram, yes that’s the only option Insta gave us.

No matter what your reason is, this option comes in handy several times. You might be wondering "How to block someone on Instagram" and what happens after that. It hardly takes few seconds to block and understand the process, let’s begin.

How to block someone on Instagram without letting them know?

Blocking has become a very normal thing. There can be myriad of reasons like some personal issues or anything behind why you are doing this. May be the friendship has turned bitter, fake profiles sending you messages or posting GIFs, someone passing harsh useless comments on your stories and posts or may be your ex sending you pleading messages and demanding apology, whatever the reason, you know what to do. You never know when this fairyland turns into a pain.

It seems not at all cruel so forgive yourself beforehand. You may also choose to block the person Instagram accounts or pages that you feel are spammy, annoying or having inappropriate content. Instead of blocking them, you can also unfollow them to soothe your anger. If you want to check who unfollowed you on Instagram then there are myriad of apps available.

How to Block Someone on Instagram using application and web

You can operate Instagram using the application or web browser, choice is yours. Web version has limited features whereas the updated version of application has all. But good news is, using any way, you can block the person on Instagram easily.

If someone is passing harsh comments repeatedly on your posts then instead of blocking them you can turn off commenting for specific person and can even hide stories. Later, if you changed your mind then follow the steps to unblock user on Instagram.

Block using Instagram application

The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows platform. It works well and make sure you have the latest version installed to enjoy all the features. Follow the steps below:

  • Open Instagram application and go to homepage
  • instagram-homepage
  • Search the username of the person whom you wish to block
  • Instagram-search-tab
  • If you are unable to find the username then try remembering you tagged them somewhere or they liked your photo etc. In case you need more likes on your posts then you can buy instagram likes monthly from us.
  • If found, tap on their name and their profile will open up. If still not found then chances are their account is deleted or disabled by Instagram
  • Once you landed on their profile page, tap on menu located in right hand upper corner of screen and shown by three horizontal dots
  • find-block-option-instagram-profile
  • You will get several options along with Block (second option). Tap on it to block the person
  • block-option-on-instagram-application
  • Person is happily blocked and a notification will appear like following, click on dismiss and end the process
  • block-notification

Block using web browser

If you don’t have your phone nearby and you are still feeling the urge to block someone who got on your nerves. Don’t wait and use their website. Though the website doesn’t have enough options like unable to send DM's, post story etc but it gladly lets you block someone. Let’s start with steps:

  • Open any browser, chrome or Mozilla etc
  • Open website of Instagram
  • Enter the username of the person in the search bar above or you can tap on their username found anywhere
  • After clicking, you will be taken to their profile page
  • See the top right corner and click on three horizontal dots that represent the menu
  • block-on-desktop-instagram
  • Pop up menu will appear with several options, click on second option BLOCK
  • block-this-user-on-instagram-desktop
  • A warning notification will appear that asks whether you want to block this person or not. Click Block, yes yes
  • block-profile-on-instagram
  • The process is completed

The above two methods fall under the category of blocking someone completely.

What if we tell, you can block someone partially also? Let’s see how:

Block user on Instagram from commenting on your posts and hide story

You may not want someone to comment on your posts but just wanted to show them then Insta allows you to do so. You need not to block them completely and still enjoy some private space. Also learn how to prohibit them from watching your story and passing replies. You can also check who viewed your instagram video.

Follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your mobile application and go to your profile
  • Click on top right corner with three parallel horizontal lines
  • Locate settings and click on it
  • instagram-settings
  • Tap on Privacy and you get two sections by the name Interactions and Connections
  • Instagram-privacy-option
  • In Interaction, click on Comments
  • comments-option-on-instagram
  • Tap Block Comments from
  • block-comments-from
  • Search for the username for whom you want to block the comments and tap on BLOCK
  • block-coments-on-insta

We have the latest updated application and the options may vary according to the version of app you are using. Now the blocked person would not be able to comment on your any post. The other person never gets the notification that you blocked them from this action and the old data will not be erased.

Check the block list


In case you want to see whom, you blocked or feel like unblocking them then follow the below steps:

  • Go to your profile
  • Then Settings
  • Move to Privacy section
  • check-blocked-accounts-on-instagram
  • There under connection you will find option BLOCKED ACCOUNTS
  • list-of-blocked-accounts-on-instagram
  • Tap on it to see whosoever you have blocked

Simple it is, right. In case any other problem persists then Contact Instagram immediately with fingers crossed.

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Besides blocking, you have some other options like making your profile private or mute them. Mute feature doesn’t hurt anyone as they never come to know that you have muted their messages, stories etc and it doesn’t appear in your newsfeed.

Stay away from the clutter and improve your social media browsing experience. You will be glad to block few people and mute some. I hope this helps you clean the mess on your Instagram account. I would love to know your reasons for blocking people and which method worked for you.