How to unblock someone on Instagram

Okay so you had fight with your close friend on Instagram or someone got on your nerves, you blocked them. There can be any hidden reason. After having some rest and thinking a little, you realised you just overreacted and now regretting on your decision made.

No regrets and keep your life drama free. Good news is on Instagram nobody gets a notification that "You blocked them". No one has any idea, what you did out of rage. To bring things back to normal unblock them immediately but you don’t know how to. Here we explained step by step "how to unblock someone on Instagram". Unblock her and post cute picture of both of you with a lovely message. In case you want to Buy Instagram Auto Likes then we are here to assist you. Don't forget to follow back her again and laugh it off.

What happens when you unblock someone on Instagram

Before that when you block the person then you are automatically no longer followed by each other. After unblocking:

  • User will be able to see your posts again
  • Can send you DM or Post GIF.
  • Search you using your username
  • Tag you in posts
  • Follow back you

But if your profile is public and you have blocked them then they can still see your posts by logging out and checking your profile.
To not let this, happen, you can make your profile private. Go to account settings > privacy > check on private account.

How to unblock someone on Instagram (iPhone or Android)

We will explain you step by step along with pictures so you can easily gulp down the information. Let’s start:

  • Open Instagram application and search for the username of the person whom you blocked; in case you remember it

  • Tap on the name if it appears in search results. Go to their profile and instead of FOLLOW option you will get UNBLOCK. If you are unable to find their account then changes they might have disabled or deleted their Instagram Account

  • Click on it immediately and unblock the person. A notification will pop up to confirm your decision, either dismiss it or click on unblock

  • Unblocking done now make sure, you talk politely with the person and resolve all the issues to be back in happy relationship
  • Follow the above steps only if you know their username. In case you don’t remember it exactly, let us follow another approach:

  • Open an Instagram application

  • Go to your Instagram profile. Once it opened, search for the three dotted buttons in upper right corner that seems like three horizontal lines. Look at the bottom and you will find "Settings" option. It’s easy to miss this option as its located at the bottom of screen.

  • After clicking on it, click on PRIVACY.

  • You will get the following options. The options also depend upon the version of the application you are using. To enjoy all latest features, keep your application updated. You will have two sections Interactions and Connections. In Connections section, you have option "Blocked Accounts"

  • Click on it and you will get the list of all the accounts that you have blocked at some phase in your life.

  • Tap on the username of the person whom you want to unblock. Their profile will open up.
  • You will get an UNBLOCK option, click on it and they will be unblocked forever though you can block them again if they created nuisance.
  • After unblocking them following notification will pop up. Dismiss it and move on.

Remember that when you blocked the account of the person, Instagram automatically made both of you unfollow each other. In case you want to see who unfollowed you on Instagram then there are plenty of applications available. So, to start the conversation again, follow them back and be like before. But issue is, when you will follow them again, they will get a notification that "this person followed you or requested to follow you if account is private". Be ready with some good excuse or an apology if caught.

How to unblock someone on Instagram on Desktop or web

If your phone is away or you don't have access to it then no need to panic. You can Unblock the person via desktop using Instagram website also. The steps are bit different from application version with few limitations. Let's start:

  • Go to Instagram website
  • If you are not logged in then log in and the homepage with the feed opens up
  • In the sidebar, you will see your profile picture and below all the stories posted by the people you are following. You can also check anytime who viewed your instagram video
  • Click on your username and your profile will open up. If you have posted a story and clicked on your DP then the story will open up not the profile
  • In desktop or web version, the settings don't open up like the mobile application
  • So, at the top in front of Instagram logo, you will see search bar. Click on it and type in the username of the person whom you want to bring back to life.
  • After searching, the relevant results will appear. Select the intended one and you will be shifted to their profile.
  • A big blue Unblock button will appear in front of their username. Click on it to unblock them.
  • After that like application, you will get the notification, dismiss it.

Note - Don't forget to follow the unblocked account again. Tada, you have successfully unblocked the person. If you are thinking to block someone just because you don’t want them to see your story then there is another way.

You can create a close friends list on Instagram. Add the people in it with whom you want to share the story. People who are not into your close friends list will not be able to see your story. Make sure whenever you post story, you click on close friend’s option located at the left bottom corner (Second option after your profile picture). You can edit the list anytime.

If you face the issues again in future with the specific person then we hope you know how to block someone on Instagram. If even after doing everything nothing happens then Contact Instagram and get issues resolved. Thanks for reading and share it with your friends who are in need of it.