How to see who unfollowed you on Instagram?

The question that continually keeps nibbling the mind of every type of Instagrammer is - Who Unfollowed me on Instagram and heck why?

Swiftly, Instagram has come up with loads of features like Direct Messaging, Instagram live, Stories, IGTV etc. that divided our attention.

Besides sharing cool memes with your friends, chatting with buddies, portraying your social life to followers, following the celebrities to finding the content that resonates with you on insta, there are few other better things to keep an eye on – It’s Your Followers Fellas.

Everyone loves to see the fans counter rising always. Rules of social media have become quite sophisticated that you need to focus on multiple things at the same time.

Meanwhile, most of us worry about "How to see who unfollowed me on Instagram ". It's a nightmare for many to see the count constantly dripping down without knowing the reason behind it. We can never force anyone to follow us, right, but few measures can be taken.

There can be myriad of reasons as to why they did so or Were you getting on their nerves. Whatever it is, it's okay to feel curious to find out who are those going off my list? Let's go through all the methods to know about people unfollowing you on the Instagram profile we scribbled for you to save you a dime:

Follow These Manual Techniques 

Insta don't let you keep track of people who leave or block your profile, finding it manually is tedious.

You may feel the content you are posting is not good enough and unable to capture the attention of people. Calm down and let us see how to follow the manual method of finding out who unfollowed you on Instagram:

  • Open Instagram and log in
  • Remember the name of the person whom you want to check on  

To see whether they are still following or not follow two ways:

  • First, go to their profile and tap on following
  • Scroll down or search for your name
  • If you name doesn't appear in search results, then he or she had unfollowed you. If before you were unable to find some profile and now got it, the reason is they have unblocked your instagram profile. Now it's upto you to hate or love them for doing so

Second way is:

  • Go to your profile and tap on followers
  • check unfollowers on instagram


  • In search bar type in their name
  • search for people who unfollowed you


Find Someone Who Unfollowed You On Instagram on Desktop/Computer

  • Go to Instagram website on your web browser
  • Main page will open, enter your valid login details to go to the homepage
  • Click on profile image located on top right-hand side
  • Tap on current followers' number to open the list of people following you
  • In the search bar at the top of the list, type in the name of the person you are looking for
  • If the name appears means they are following you otherwise not

By the above two ways, you can only see those people whose username you remember and check whether they are following or unfollowed you. But if you want to know the actual count of people who unfollowed you on Instagram, then these methods will not work and consume enough time.

Moreover, if you are unable to find the profile of the person then chances are, they might have deleted or temporarily disabled the Instagram account.

Best Applications to Check Online Unfollowers on Instagram 

It's quite simple to know who has left following you anymore on Instagram. If the count is continuously dropping, then we suggest you purchase real Instagram Likes. Why likes? Because both the followers and likes are corelated with each other.

When people realised that your Insta posts has more likes, they will perceive your engagement right is high. This way, they will become your fans for sure.

Below we listed some of the best apps that work on Android or iOS both or at a single platform to help you find who unfollowed you recently.

But this option comes with few drawbacks. First, various privacy concerns, we don't encourage anyone to keep using such apps as they may steal confidential account data. But the ones we listed below are better and provide you with exact needed information in a jiffy.

Let's begin:

Follow Meter

Firstly, download it and then log in or sign in. The dashboard will open up with different options.

Out of all listed, it is the most straightforward application to use to get an insight into your account. It helps to see who followed you, find out who are best or worst followers, check most, and least liked pictures, an average number of comments received, monitor Instagram follower's growth, check who is not following you back and who unfollowed you recently etc.

Available at both App Store and Play Store, it has good reviews and enough downloads to support.

Best feature is that Follow meter adapted well to Insta API and allows the users to reap maximum advantage.

Followers Tracker Pro 

Another application in our basket is Followers Tracker Pro, it contains the pro word in its name, but all features are free to use.

A clean and user-friendly interface lets you use it without any issue. Easily track lost and gained followers with a single click. The various features you can enjoy are checking new followers, catch red-handedly who unfollowed you, track those who are not following you back, find best and worst fans, get more in-depth insights, check who requested to follow you on private account, track multiple accounts in one app etc.

Tap on a lost follower's tab to know the count of people who left you amidst. To take maximum advantage of this app, make sure your follower's count is not higher than 150,000.

The reviews are positive and available only on iOS devices.

Follow Cop 

If you are an Android user and looking for the best application to keep an eye on the people unfollowed you on Instagram recently, then Follow Cop is the best option.

Like a cop, it inspects everything and gives you the required information. Some major key features that help you to manage Instagram account quickly see non-followers check multiple accounts, see people who recently unfollowed you, mass unfollow happened, check ghost followers etc.

It is a free application with advertisements supported. Want to know recent unfollowers then download it immediately.

It has positive reviews and a good number of downloads. Make sure you have the latest version installed. Using this app, you can also mass unfollow that is 20 users at one time.

Apart from the above, some other best applications are Instrack, Followers for Instagram and Instafollow. 

Final Verdict

Keep in mind that these apps will only let you track your Instagram account from the time they are installed. You won't be able to get the previous data.

If you still want to know who unfollowed back in time then try the very first method which is manual.

Out of the above apps, some may try to sell you, followers, also but we suggest you buy it from social media marketing websites.

Followers are the integral part of your profile, and without it, your account is worth nothing. It's quite essential to keep the fans count high always.

Tell us, which method you found the most helpful? If you got any tips, then share it with us in comments.