How to reactivate deleted or disabled Instagram account

Have you got bored with using Instagram and temporarily disabled your account? Yes, then the good news is you can reactivate your Instagram account anytime.

You need to follow simple steps to recover your Instagram account in a jiffy. Things are not always easy peasy, sometimes due to a violation of some rules or guidelines, Instagram tends to disable your account.  

No need to panic, Viral Me is here with a detailed guide to help you recover insta account and appeal for the disabled account. If, after trying all the options, you are unable to access the account, then, unfortunately, you can believe it is deleted.

Let's begin:

How to reactivate temporarily disabled Instagram account

You might have deactivated your Instagram account due to any reason or needed a break from this social hustle-bustle. The way you deactivated it similarly follow the steps in reverse order to reactivate it:

  • Open Instagram and log in with valid credentials

Instagram is stringent when it comes to reactivating disabled or the blocked account. Make sure; your account stayed deactivated for atleast one day because insta takes time to finish the process of deactivation and remove you from the platform.

  • If it's been 24 hours or more then by putting correct credentials, you can Login again easily
  • If you are unable to restore your account, then you might need to reset your Password

Remember when you temporarily disable Instagram account, your followers are no longer able to see or find you. Your photos, comments, and likes will stay hidden until you Login back. Moreover when you are unable to find the profile you blocked earlier then unblock it on Insta to see what they are upto.

  • Once reactivated, you cannot disable it for further ten days; it's the latest updated policy
  • While logging in back, Insta may ask you to enter mobile number and accept again their updated policies

Recover account disabled by Instagram 

Sometimes Instagram account gets disabled for violating terms. If you are unable to recover your account, then there are two instances.

  • First, you entered wrong credentials
  • Secondly, your account is disabled by insta due to policies violation

We suggest you read all the policies beforehand rather than facing any issue in the future.

Let's go through some standard community guidelines: 

  • Please don't post copyrighted content that belongs to someone else and call it yours
  • Keep your posts free from abuse, nudism, pornography, and any other unacceptable content. Besides this avoid content that provokes people or promotes injury
  • Talk respectfully with other people irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, sex, etc
  • Don't repeatedly spam by posting discount offers, sending offer messages, coupons, etc
  • Make sure your account belongs to a real person that is you not anything imaginary
  • Your age should be 13 years or above

and many more that you can read here - Terms of use and Policies

Follow the below steps:

  • Open the Instagram application and Login with valid credentials
  • If even after entering a correct email and password, you see a message "Your account has been temporarily disabled" or something relevant to it, then it means your Insta account is disabled due to violation of their terms of use or guidelines by you.
  • Instead of the above message, if you see "Incorrect password or username" then chill your account is not disabled

How to appeal for recovering disabled Instagram account?

  • To recover your account, open Instagram in a web browser and open this form to appeal for account retrieval
  • Once the form opens, you need to enter the asked details. First, enter your name as it is mentioned on the account
  • Enter your username in the second box.
  • Thirdly, add your valid email address and phone number below
  • In the message box at the bottom, type your appeal request. Briefly explain to Instagram why you think your account should be recovered immediately

While answering this section, make sure to let them know your account was deactivated, or it was done by mistake.

No need to apologize as it makes the other party believe that you are at fault. Compose a polite message, and don't use any harsh words. End message by saying Thank You.

  • Click on the Blue SEND button at page bottom to send an appeal to IG.

If they accepted your request, then you would be able to log in after notification. If you got no revert, then repeat the same process several times until they heed.

Steps to recover deleted Instagram account

If you deleted your Insta account accidentally, then relax its quite easy to get it back. Finger crossed and let's begin:

  1. Open Insta and log in to your account
  2. Put your IG username into the field and click on "Get help signing in", this option is near the login button
  3. A new page will open up and look for "Trouble Logging in"
  4. In case this option doesn't help then find "Need for Help" option and a new screen will open up
  5. Enter the email address linked with your account, this way you can get back access to your account
  6. Next, enter the type of account you had like personal, business, etc. Here you can upload a few own photos to prove your account. If you don't have, it doesn't matter
  7. Next, click on "my account was hacked". A box with the title "any additional details will pop up." You can even skip it if not needed
  8. After completing the above steps, click on "Request Support"
  9. After the whole procedure gets completed, you will get an email on the address you have given in step 5
  10. In an email, you need to few details related to your Insta account. On that verification form, enter your username, verification code, full name and a clear image of yours that can be your profile pic also
  11. Ensure your IG handle has one picture atleast of you in which you can be spotted easily. It is essential because IG centre says, "Keep in mind that if this account does not include any picture of you is used to represent something or someone else, we won't be able to help until we receive a photo that meets these requirements."

Following all the above steps carefully can help you recover the deleted Instagram account quickly.

Note - Deleted, and Disabled account both are a different thing.

Troubleshoot Login Related issues 

Try logging in with your credentials. If it doesn't help, then try using the email address or phone number. You can try any method you know. Make sure the Password you are typing in is correct.

If it doesn't help, then Reset Password, tap on this button. Enter your account's email address where you want the mail with the reset link to be sent. Follow the link received in the mail and reset the Password. Try logging in again. If you logged in successfully, then cheers, "You got insta account back."

Moreover, you can try to uninstall and reinstall the IG app. Ensure you have the latest version installed on the phone.

Wrap Up 

Hopefully, by following any one of the above-listed methods, you will be able to retrieve the account. If nothing helps, then your account may have got deleted, or it doesn't exist anymore. It may happen knowingly or unknowingly. If you did nothing but still account got removed, then it may be done by Instagram due to violation of their terms and conditions.

Moreover, there are several apps on the internet that claim to help you recover the Instagram account. Please don't fall into their trap as they are just concerned with having your credentials and then misusing it. Your safety is in your hands.

Nothing helps then try contacting Instagram. We hope you find this article helpful. Happy Instagramming.