How to contact Instagram?

Looking for the ways to contact Instagram support is like finding a needle in haystack. You may have tried immense times to reach out to them due to several reasons but nothing worked out. You searched on internet "How to contact Instagram" and google fooled you by displaying piles of results that are all futile indeed. Your reason to contact insta can be anything like recovering disabled instagram account or anything else.

We would not say that contacting Instagram is really hard, it is easy very easy but getting a revert is hard. It’s better to know all the options before from where you can contact them and this article covers all. We would like to urge you to stay patient and keep praying till you get an answer.

Before that let's know:

Why Instagram don't reply?

We cannot blame Instagram entirely for not replying their users. This social media platform has 1 billion active users, quite big number.

Let’s use basic mathematics, if out of 1 billion people 100 million people have issue then they won’t pay heed to it even if the number is high.

Instagram will simply ignore your issue and keep working on their application instead. But if you are a popular celebrity, face or instagrammer that has gone automatic viral then there are minimal chances that you will get revert otherwise all in vain.

Why it’s so hard to contact Instagram?

Almost thousands of people search "How to contact Instagram". If they started entertaining every request then its sure they will need a separate big big department to handle customer support.

Suppose Instagram has 700 million users and every year 1 user contacts them out of 100 that means nearly 7 million users sending requests. Shrink it to hour which is 700. Resolving all issues is impossible for small team but now Facebook has bought it so may be the things changed or will change and you will get perfect answers.

3 simple ways to contact Instagram are:

  • Instagram contact number - 650-543-4800 then press 2 for automated customer support. Keep in mind its automated support, no human intervention.
  • Instagram support email -
  • and another way is via their help centre you can contact them

Keeping in view the number of users this application has; the chances are very less that you will get a response.

If you want to increase your chances of getting an answer then keep reading this article to find other ways:

Submit support ticket on Instagram:

On desktop and browser

  • Go to
  • Click on "Privacy and Safety Centre"
  • instagram help centre


  • Click on "Report Something". You will get different options like Hacked accounts, Hate accounts etc. Select the issue you are currently facing like account blocked etc and read the information given
  • report Something on instagram


  • In the information, Instagram has given different set of options, you might be suffering from. Click on intended one and read the steps given. For example, I selected IMPERSONATION ACCOUNTS
  • instagram impersonation accounts




  • Follow the steps to resolve the issue. Read below, security tips are also given
  • If there is option to "Fill the form" then fill it and hit send

You can contact Instagram via Mobile Application also, here's how:

  • Open application on your phone
  • instagram homepage


  • Go to your profile and click on three horizontal bars located at top right corner
  • After clicking, find settings at the bottom and click on it
  • instagram settings


  • Scroll down and click on HELP. The options may vary according to the version you are using so we suggest you to update it
  • help on instagram application


  • Click on "Report a Problem" and you will get several options
  • report a problem to instagram


  • Click on "Report Spam and Abuse" and it will take you to web - Help Page of Instagram and there you have several options
  • contact instagram


  • Click on the one you are facing and get solution for it or fill out the form

Types of issues that you can report to Instagram

Whenever you go to their help centre page, you get the following options:

  • Hacked accounts

    - Select this account, if you think your account has been hacked or an attempt is done
  • Impersonation Account

    - Select this option only if you have proof that someone is impersonating you or using your account without permission
  • Underage children

    - Check this option only when you have found an account of someone whose age is below 13
  • Hate Accounts

    - Select this option, if you found some account that is spreading hate speech and any kind of violence
  • Exposed private information

    - Select this when you encounter some account posting the private information of users like their address, image etc
  • Abuse and Spam

    - Select this to report harassment, spam or abuse of any kind
  • Self-injury

    - Select this option to report those posts that are harming themselves in any way
  • Exploitation

    - Select this to report trending issues like Human Trafficking, drug abuse etc
  • Other

    - If the issue you are facing don't fall in any above category then select this to proceed

How to contact Instagram through other social media platforms

Instagram is itself a social media application but it also has its accounts on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can easily communicate with them here and hope to get a reply soon.

Contact through Facebook

As we all know, Facebook bought Instagram on April 9,2012. Kevin systrom and Mike Krieger both the founders sold their 13-person start-up Instagram to fb for $1 billion.

Now both the Instagram and Facebook works together so it’s easy to contact each other through any platform.

Go to the official Facebook Page of Instagram and ping them your query

Contact through Instagram

Another way to contact them is to send Direct Message on their Instagram Handle. Keep fingers crossed with the hope to get an answer.

Contact through Twitter

When all other ways fail, twitter comes to rescue. It is a great platform to stay updated about latest news and changes happening on your favourite platform, Instagram. Here you can tweet to Instagram or reach to them via private message.


Make sure, your profile has good engagement and followers already in order to increase your chances of getting revert.

As you must have realised till now, its not easy to contact Instagram like picking up phone and conversing with them. In the above article, we have summarised all the ways that you can follow to contact them.

One thing more, be careful of the fake websites around who claim to help you contact Instagram and in turn just run away with your money. Please beware of them. Fill out the form on help centre page, if the option is available.

Have you tried to contact them? Tell how was your experience in comments.